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Sports and physical activities are an important part of a child’s development and we give it very high importance in our school. Students participate in a wide range of structured sporting activities such as PT drills, football, cricket, martial arts and many more sports. Students are also encouraged to play freely to encourage social and developmental skills. Our school is well known for winning trophies at all types of inter school sporting events and tournaments.



We strongly believe in encouraging the creative side our children so that they develop into well rounded individuals. This also identifies talented students who can be guided and encouraged to explore their gifts positively. Children who are exposed to arts and music are also happier and better adjusted. Our arts and music classes under experienced teachers ensures that each child enjoys and participates in these activities.



Scientific temperament and curiosity is an important trait that must be encouraged among our students. Our well equipped science lab allows students to conduct experiments in a variety of subjects and supplement their book learning with practical experience. Our science teachers are always at hand to provide instructions, guidance and ensure the safe conduct of the experiments



Children need to be exposed to learning and knowledge outside the school academics so that they can explore new ideas and places. Our outdoor excursions take students on a highly supervised and safe trip to various places of interest such as museums, botanical gardens, zoos, historical places etc. Students are also taken for special performances of music or art to help broaden their horizons.

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